Electrical engineering android apps free download

electrical engineering android apps free download

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  • The best electrical engineering apps for Android - Android Authority
  • Get Electrical Engineering Free - Microsoft Store
  • 16 Best Electrical Engineering App For Every Electrical Engineer
  • 15+ Must Have Android Apps for Electrical & Electronics Engineers & Students
  • It consists on a lot of important electrical and electronics calculators and convertors. Electronics Calculator is a very good app for electrical but especially for electronics engineers and students. This app calculate 4, 5, and 6 band Resistors, Capacitor calculator and Conversion table, Capacitor code convertor values to code and vise versa and resistor and capacitor in series and parallel. I Hope these Apps anvroid tools will help you a lot.

    Recommended for electrical and electronics engineers, technicians, electricians and students. Let me know if I missed anything in the above append tools list. If you find other apps and tools like these, please mention their name in the below comment box or simply through an email in the contact us page. I will add it manually. If you find this post helpful, please Share with your friends.

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    Related Posts:. Thanks for sharing worthy information! You forget to mention these apps from android-design. It is an android application for engineers and students on the go. Thank u for sharing such nice information. I like this Great Post. I have to bookmark this article.!! Please add the app in the following link in the above listing. This app will be more useful for electrical and electronics folks. Nice Android apps.


    Have used some of them. I want to add the wonderful Digital Electronics android Apps in the above list. Solves Kmaps, truth table minimization, Boolean equation minimizationbinary and Hex calculator and conversion etc and so much more. Thanks for sharing these apps…. Gaining knowledge is useful and these listed apps do that. But, if any one wants to get any particular downlload for testing and using for commercial or domestic purpose, then which app to prefer??

    Sep 03,  · Download XAPK ( MB) Versions. The XAPK (Base APK + Split APKs) File, How to soft.mvpseason.co File? Using APKPure App to upgrade Electrical Engineering: The Basics of Electricity, install xapk, fast, free and save your internet data. Electrical Engineering. This free app consists of 3 useful electricity tools, an electrical calculator, an electrical circuit calculator and electrical formulas. Electrical calculator: You are able to calculate the most important electrical sizes. You can calculate the electrical power, electrical resistance, electrical charge, electrical work /5(K). Find and download the best free Electrical engineering apps, Electrical engineering games and much more for Android on the biggest independent app store - soft.mvpseason.co!

    Here I would like to suggest Electrical. Exchange which fulfill all electrical needs!

    The best electrical engineering apps for Android - Android Authority

    I would like to say thanks for your amazing research. I more thing keep updated your list for future updates. I would like to suggest you a free application: Battery Package Calculator. Calculates parameters of the battery pack and estimates the operation time of the device powered by such a battery. Several great electronics learning apps. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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    Get Electrical Engineering Free - Microsoft Store

    Electrical Calculation is a very useful app of Low Voltage for electrical engineers, technicians and students. Electrical Technology 22 6 minutes read.

    electrical engineering android apps free download

    Show More. Related Articles. Electric Bill Calculator with Examples. Step by Step Procedure with Solved Example. Thanks for sharing these apps…am going to try some of them now.

    Download Free Electrical engineering APK Apps For Android - Getjar

    Hi, Please add the app in the following link in the above listing. There are lots of digital electronics calculator in this App. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Check Also.

    16 Best Electrical Engineering App For Every Electrical Engineer

    Learn more. Electrical engineers have difficult and important jobs. There are many specializations in the field and many of them overlap. Thus, a lot of the same tools work fres each specialization. Smartphone apps can only do so much here. However, there are a few decent options for electrical engineers with anvroid need for some extra tools. Here are the best electrical engineering apps for Android.

    However, we have widgets toward the top and bottom of the article with excellent options for calculators, note-taking apps, office apps, and other potentially useful tools. Basic Electrical Engineering is a simple app with a simple premise. It shows a variety of basic electrical engineering information for quick reference. The UI is basic Material Design with a good search function in case you need to reference something quickly.

    You probably learned about all this stuff in college, but it never hurts to have it around for quick reference if needed and this one works offline.

    15+ Must Have Android Apps for Electrical & Electronics Engineers & Students

    See also: The best Android tools and utility apps. Electrical Engineering Dictionary is a glossary full of electrical engineering terms. The app boasts 3, words along with a bunch of formulas, equations, and more. It also has a calculator for various conversions and other such electrucal. Those features are probably helpful to actual engineers and professionals.

    However, this one also has a set of learning tools for students, including little quizzes. Some downloas features include the ability to save frequent terms, a quick reference guide, and you can contribute things if the app is missing information. Electronics Toolkit lets you check on a lot of different things android to electrical engineering. It has a variety of reference material, including resistor color apps, SMD resistor codes, LED resistor codes, a voltage divider calculator, a unit converter, and other useful tools.

    There are a lot of apps like this on the Play Store. The premium version is also fairly inexpensive. See also: The best science apps for Android. HiPER is a solid, good scientific calculator. HiPER is the best electrical a competitive bunch and has a bunch of features. Some of them include up to digits of significance and nine engineering of exponent.

    Additionally, it can convert between free and contains more than 90 constants for quick use. The premium version is cheap as well. The first, and arguably more popular, app is ElectroDroid. It works almost exactly the same way as Electronics Toolkit above. You get a variety of engineering-oriented tools and guides for quick download and calculation.

    See also: The best college apps for Android. Feee lot of engineers use spreadsheets for various things. You may be keeping track of machine wear and tear or keep track of how many circuits you soldered that day. You can customize the Excel however you want and the platform is actually really powerful.

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